Is it important to register as a user to get access to functionalities on this portal? 

No. You can choose to browse the portal listings without registering or signing in. The advantage of being a registered user is an increased set of functionalities such as browsing all property listings, saving searches and sending information requests without having to enter details repeatedly. You can register either as a company or as an individual.

In order to do so, please click on the “My Activity” link in the header and then on the Sign Up link from the dropdown. You can then fill in the form and follow the rest of the process defined for signing up to complete your registration.  You can also use popular social media accounts such as your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account to login to the portal. Choose this option from the Login page and use your login credentials from that account to access the portal (note: we won’t record or store your passwords in case of login using social media accounts).

Is this portal a paid platform?

No. All information, including information & functionalities on the portal available to registered users, is free of cost. We may only charge for any on-ground transactions that are done by you on a listing using Cityinfo Services’ transaction management resources and charges for the same will be informed to you upon your expressing interest in a particular listing.

Can I create multiple accounts?

The choice of creating multiple accounts rests with you – however, the portal only allows one account to be creating using an email address and mobile number – i.e. multiple accounts cannot be created using the same email address and / or mobile number.

Can I post a free listing to sell or rent my property?

Yes. Please contact us at portal@cityinfoservices.com and our representative will get in touch with you to assist in the process of creating a listing to sell / lease your property. 

I liked an option on the portal. How can I rent / purchase the same?

Once you have liked an option (or a set of options) on the portal, please express interest in the same using the Request Callback form. Our representative will get an intimation of your expression of interest and be in touch with you to provide additional details and work with you to close the transaction (charges may be applicable for our transaction management service to help close the transaction).

I forgot my password

Use the Forgot Password functionality from the Login page to regain access to your account.

How do I unsubscribe from notifications or unregister an account?

Please write to us at portal@cityinfoservices.com and our representative will help you through this process.